How to achieve happiness after the loss of a loved one, finding love, finding happiness, dealing with grief, sorrow, sadness.

Motivational Speakers, Books on grief, loss of loved ones, sadness, love, happiness, depression.


Book on finding love, after suffering from loss of loved one, sadness, sorrow, dealing with death, moving on  in life.


Meet the Authors

Out of a story of love, lost and found, Dave and Kellie Poulsen-Grill, along with author Doug Binder have written their first non fiction book about their lives in "Send Me a Sign". This inspirational book has taken off and gaining attention from all over Oregon and the West Coast and featured on many local shows, newspapers, and events.

Dave Grill and Kellie Poulsen-Grill were married in 2002.  They live on the Grill 40 Acres horse farm in Wilsonville, Oregon where they are the parents of three children, Nicole who attends Portland State University pursuing Education and Dramatic arts, Lauren attends the University of Mississippi on a softball scholarship, and Johnny is a sophomore playing baseball and football at Tualatin High School. Dave continues to be active in youth sports and works for Metro Metals in Portland Oregon. Kellie moved from Tennessee and is a professional songwriter with her twin sister, as well as becoming a motivational speaker all because of their love story that grew out of pain, loss and grief.  "Send Me A Sign" is their story.

Doug Binder, a sports reporter for The Oregonian in Portland, has written about sports and sports figures for the past 12 years. Before returning to his native Portland he worked for the Corvalis (Ore.) Gazette-Times and the Bozeman (Mont.) Daily Chronicle. His list of writing awards dates back to high school. "Send Me A Sign" is his first book.



The Grill Children



About Whirlwind Publishing

Whirlwind Publishing Company is owned and operated by Dave and Kellie Grill. It was developed out of necessity. The first Northwest Publishing Company that took on the book "Send Me A Sign" ended up having financial distress and was not able to produce and publish the book when it was ready to go into printing.

After careful thought and consideration, Dave, Kellie and their co-author Doug decided that to do their own publishing would be the best strategy. They had many deadlines and dates booked that they needed to have product and books available for.

“Send Me A Sign”  is the only book that the company is interested in promoting and publishing at this time.


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Kellie's Books include:
"Send Me A Sign"
"Happiness Is Here--Simple Strategies for Staying Happy" (Audio Book)

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For more writings from Kellie Grill, check out her Baby Calf "Norman's Blog"

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