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Book on finding love, after suffering from loss of loved one, sadness, sorrow, dealing with death, moving on  in life.

"Send Me A Sign" is the true story of joy and suffering, faith and redemption

 “Send Me A Sign” is a true story of joy and suffering, faith and redemption. All Dave needed to do was ask for guidance. A song, a number, a colorful sky brought the affirmation Dave sought. As Teresa wrote in one of her last poems, “I will embrace you on the other side.”

Dave held the hand of his wife and promised to carry on in absence. He would have said anything at that point, though, to ease Teresa's suffering. Deep down, he grappled with how he would actually do it, with three busy kids to raise on his own.

Friends reminded him of the unspoken one-year rule, the length of time society said he should wait until dating again. But fate, steered by the gentle hand of Teresa, had it's own timetable. He was unaware that the answer lay right around the corner. The redheaded country songwriter from Nashville had a secret she was bursting to tell. But could she be accepted?

About The Book "Send Me A Sign": Send Me A Sign was written due to an overwhelming response from the readers of The Oregonian Newspaper Article that Doug Binder wrote on Valentine's Day 2002. It was an article on Dave and Kellie Poulsen-Grill's love story.



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