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“You'd Have Done It For Me”

Track 7



“You'd Have Done It For Me”

Written By Dave Grill and Kellie Poulsen-Grill.
Performed by M.C. Potts

This song was written as a tribute to Teresa. I got the song idea when I had been changing Johnny’s sheets on his bed. I had to rush to Dave’s sister Lisa’s house for a family dinner get together she was having. I went out of his room and saw a 8x10 color photo of Teresa holding a four year old Johnny on her lap hanging on his wall. I whispered as I hurried out, “You’d do it for me”, as I truly believe that if the roles were reversed and I had died of breast cancer, that she would do all I do for her family for my family left behind. I told Dave about the idea and the next day Dave wrote the entire song, “You’d Have Done It For Me”. It is beautiful and is exactly how I feel.

All Demos Recorded at Direct Image Studio--Nashville, TN

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