How to achieve happiness after the loss of a loved one, finding love, finding happiness, dealing with grief, sorrow, sadness.

Motivational Speakers, Books on grief, loss of loved ones, sadness, love, happiness, depression.


Book on finding love, after suffering from loss of loved one, sadness, sorrow, dealing with death, moving on  in life.


Motivational Speaking


Do you need a Guest Speaker who will Light Up New York City?

Full of energy and fun, Kellie Poulsen-Grill is an expert on many aspects of life.  She speaks with a focus on:  love, loss, life, parenting, songwriting, publishing (both music and book publishing) and How to Achieve Greatness After the Loss of a Loved One.  She also speaks on her love story with her husband Dave.  An inspirational, non-fiction book receiving critical acclaim entitled "Send Me A Sign".  Kellie Poulsen-Grill, "The Whirlwind Woman" will benefit you and your organization!

▪ Speaking on Love - finding it and keeping it.  
▪ Loss-how to achieve victory and not be a victim.  
▪ Life-staying positive and finding happiness in a negative world.  


For Bookings contact:

Kellie Poulsen-Grill



Cell ~  503-313-7962
Office ~  503-685-9426
Home ~  503-582-9149

Dave Grill is also available for bookings and appearances.


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